ɡəu 1. 3rd person singular present tense - goes; verb
1) (to walk, travel, move etc: He is going across the field; Go straight ahead; When did he go out?) gå, dra, reise
2) (to be sent, passed on etc: Complaints have to go through the proper channels.) bli sendt, skulle sendes
3) (to be given, sold etc: The prize goes to John Smith; The table went for $100.) gå (til); bli solgt
4) (to lead to: Where does this road go?) gå, føre
5) (to visit, to attend: He goes to school every day; I decided not to go to the movie.) gå på
6) (to be destroyed etc: This wall will have to go.) bli fjernet
7) (to proceed, be done: The meeting went very well.) gå, forløpe, utvikle seg
8) (to move away: I think it is time you were going.) dra, gå
9) (to disappear: My purse has gone!) forsvinne
10) (to do (some action or activity): I'm going for a walk; I'm going hiking next week-end.) skal gjøre (noe)
11) (to fail etc: I think the clutch on this car has gone.) ryke, gå
12) (to be working etc: I don't think that clock is going.) virke
13) (to become: These apples have gone bad.) bli (fordervet, osv.)
14) (to be: Many people in the world regularly go hungry.) være, gå
15) (to be put: Spoons go in that drawer.) høre hjemme, ha sin plass
16) (to pass: Time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself.)
17) (to be used: All her pocket-money goes on sweets.) bli brukt på/til
18) (to be acceptable etc: Anything goes in this office.) være lov
19) (to make a particular noise: Dogs go woof, not miaow.) lage en lyd, si
20) (to have a particular tune etc: How does that song go?) lyde
21) (to become successful etc: She always makes a party go.) gå bra, være en suksess
2. noun
1) (an attempt: I'm not sure how to do it, but I'll have a go.) forsøk
2) (energy: She's full of go.) futt, fart, pågangsmot
3. adjective
1) (successful: That shop is still a going concern.) vellykket
2) (in existence at present: the going rate for typing manuscripts.) eksisterende, nåværende, vanlig
4. noun
(permission: We'll start as soon as we get the go-ahead.) klarsignal, grønt lys
- going-over
- goings-on
- no-go
- all go
- be going on for
- be going on
- be going strong
- from the word go
- get going
- give the go-by
- go about
- go after
- go against
- go along
- go along with
- go around
- go around with
- go at
- go back
- go back on
- go by
- go down
- go far
- go for
- go in
- go in for
- go into
- go off
- go on
- go on at
- go out
- go over
- go round
- go slow
- go steady
- go through
- go through with
- go too far
- go towards
- go up
- go up in smoke/flames
- go with
- go without
- keep going
- make a go of something
- make a go
- on the go
(militærvesen) forkortelse for General Order

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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